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Civil Construction Products

A full range of products for civil construction is available from 30 quarries and from our recycling division.

Products are graded individually, but the suitability for a specific use has to be established by the customer before ordering

Popular categories

G6 / G7 Filling Natural

Dump Rock / Gabion Stone

G5 / G6 Crushed

G1 / G2 Crusher Run

GREEN Products ( Recycled )

" Greenfill " ™ G7

Crushed Slag G4 / G5 / G6

Dump Rock

" Cretefill " ™ G5

Recovery and Recycling

Natural and building waste materials are recovered and recycled for use or re-use in the construction process and are graded individually for these specific uses

Products suitable for recycling:
  • Natural earth and rock obtained from excavations.
  • Hard-core materials from demolitions.
  • Recovery of Commercial Waste

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Flexibility: Due to our fleet composition, we can easily adjust to and accommodate any size civil construction project in our area of operations, no matter how big or how small. Quotes and deliveries are done in volume ( m³ ) or mass ( tons ).

Product Details

For more information and future reference you can View or download and print our complete Aggregate Product Guide by clicking on the link below.
View: Quicksand's complete Civils Product Guide Quicksand Sand Product Guide
  • Minimum load quantity is 3m³
  • Standard Load sizes are:
    • 5m³ or 6m³ (single rear axle rigid tipper)
    • 10m³ / 15m³ (double rear axle rigid tipper)
    • 18m³ / 20m³ (articulated horse & trailer tipper)
  • Please View: Vehicle details tab to determine the load sizes and accessibility of vehicles
5m³ single rear axle 6m³ single rear axle 10m³ double rear axle 15m³ double rear axle 18m³ horse & trailer 20m³ horse & trailer
Please note: Vehicles and load sizes depends on the accessibility of vehicles to entrances and roads to the delivery site