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Buy PPC Cement for Small Home Projects at Quicksand – Tips for Concrete Usage

You can buy PPC cement from us at Quicksand, where you will also be able to buy sand and stone for the proper mixing of the cement to ensure the right combination for your particular DIY project.

Tips for Making Durable and Strong Concrete

The first tip is to buy PPC cement suited for small concrete projects. The PPC Surebuild Cement 42.5 N is recommended if you are looking for extra strong concrete. Just remember that adding too much water will weaken your cement. The cement is suitable for usage in projects ranging from drive ways to floor slabs and even foundations for your barbeque lapa.

If you want to make strong cement you thus need to use a good base and that’s why you should buy the Surebuild 42.5 N PPC cement which will give you more concrete than general purpose cement. You can also make plaster and mortar with the cement.

The next thing on your list should be sand specifically suitable for building. This type of sand is well filtered and doesn’t contain any type of foreign matter. We supply high quality building sand at highly competitive prices. Apart from the sand, you will need clean stone, also available from us. The stone should be between 12 and 20 mm in diameter. The final material for the mix is water. Don’t use water from the river or a dam. The test is drinkability. If it is clean enough for human consumption it will fit the purpose.

How to Place the Concrete Effectively

First measure the volume of space that must be filled using a measuring tape to measure the width, length and depth of the area. You will then be multiplying the figures together for finding the cubic metres of concrete required. This method will apply to flat slab surfaces, any type of foundations and driveways. If you want to fill a post hole measure the width and depth of the hole and use the formula of multiplying the diameter by diameter and then multiplying the total with the depth. This will then give you the total cubic metres of concrete that you will need.

Why PPC Surebuild Cement?

Surebuild is a high quality cement and available throughout South Africa. It is made from top quality raw materials and consists of a unique combination of gypsum, clinker and extender materials. The cement is used for masonry, precast and grout projects, soil stabilisation, plastering, concrete and a range of home DIY projects. The cement meets high quality standards and is known for consistency in performance. Completely compatible with a range of commercial chemical mixes, the cement is also widely used in commercial building projects.

Ordering the Material

Use the back of the PPC cement bag as guideline for the total material order quantity. If you want to estimate the total needed without access to a PPC cement bag, you can work on the rough estimate that one cubic metre of concrete will require about 4.6 bags of the PPC 42.5 N cement in addition to 0.61 cubic meters of builder sand and 0.76 cubic metres of relevant stone, all available from Quicksand.