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Clay Brick Supplier

Why Make Use of a Clay Brick Supplier?

Clay bricks from a trusted clay brick supplier, such as Quicksand, are made according to specific industry standards and meet the requirements for durability, longevity, environmental friendliness and strength. 

Why Clay Bricks?

Clay bricks have amazing heat absorption abilities and as such release the absorbed heat during the cooler night time to minimise temperature changes in the house. This is especially beneficial during the cooler winter months when you want to minimise the usage of heaters and other energy heavy methods to sustain indoor heat. At the same time, the heat absorption ability of the bricks helps to keep the home cooler during the summer months ensuring a well self-regulated indoor environment.

With sustainable building methods now high on the agenda in the construction industries around the world, it has become essential to look at ways to minimise our environmental footprint while also ensuring longevity of the buildings. Property developers benefit from using clay bricks because the bricks are low on maintenance, have remarkably long lifespan features, are easy to build with, and are made from natural materials.

Regular power cuts in South Africa can be expected over the next few years since the pressure on the grid is ever increasing. It is estimated that South Africans at present use between 24% and 41% of their energy consumption on artificial heating or cooling of indoor spaces. By building with clay bricks it is thus possible to reduce the reliance on artificial heating and cooling and will thus help to reduce the pressure on the electrical grid. This will also aid home and building owners in saving on energy costs, which are expected to rise significantly in the near future.

The bricks furthermore have outstanding resistance to environmental factors such as hail, rain, heat, and fire. This means stronger buildings which require less maintenance. The clay brick homes don’t need painting and building with the material thus helps to reduce construction and home maintenance costs.

With their strength and durability, the bricks are furthermore recyclable and can be reused in other construction projects without loss of strength. Even when the clay bricks are discarded the materials will not cause damage to the environment.

Find a Clay Brick Supplier

If you are thus looking for a truly environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and sustainable material to build with then contact Quicksand as a trusted clay brick supplier in Gauteng. We have a track record of over 23 years in the supply of building materials such as quality bricks and sand to contractors, homeowners, and developers. Our prices are highly competitive and we are known for superb after-sales services.