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PPC Cement Supplier

Looking for a Quality PPC Cement Supplier? Discover the Quicksand Range!

Product advice from leading PPC cement supplier: in the construction industry, foremen and labourers are often required to select the correct type of cement product for the task or project at hand. The choices are most often between OPC and PPC cement. Understanding the difference between these types of cements is a key factor when making a choice. OPC cement is “Ordinary Portland Cement” and is a standard type of cement used for many purposes. PPC cement is “Pozzolanic Portland Cement”. This type of cement contains siliceous materials, which reduce the cost of the cement without negatively affecting the performance or strength thereof. In most instances, PPC cement is more resistant to chemicals and offers equal or greater strengths than OPC cement.

At Quicksand, we stock and supply the Surebuild range of CEM II / 42.5N range of PPC cement. As a leading PPC cement supplier in South Africa, we place great importance on keeping our product readily available at a competitive rate. We believe in providing our clients with a professional and dedicated service. This means that you can expect for your cement delivery to arrive on time and to be carefully offloaded by hand by our team. We supply our PCC cement in 50kg pockets and can do deliveries in minimum load sizes of either 160 or 320 pockets. Such loads are available at special rates while loads of 160 or less pockets of cements will carry a small delivery surcharge.

Quicksand is not just another PPC cement supplier – we have been working hard to build our reputation in the industry and currently have over 23 years of experience to offer you. We have long term and mutually beneficial relationships with a wide variety of manufacturers, suppliers and quarrying operations which enables us to source products that are best suited to your specific project. What’s more is that our rates are always competitive, even if we are sourcing a product that’s not already on our catalogue.

If you are looking for a PPC cement supplier with great rates and a top quality product to offer; you have come to just the right place. Take the time to compare your current PPC cement prices and product quality with our range. We welcome you to send us an email or give us a call to discuss your needs and requirements and to find out how we can assist you further.