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Site Clearing

Acquire Professional Site Clearing Services from Quicksand

The construction industry is faced with many challenges when it comes to demolitions and clearing of sites, before construction and building can take place. Professional site clearing requires the efficient removal of trees, vegetation, rubble and earth and to do so, the correct equipment and machinery must be used.

Many construction and mining concerns outsource these particular services in order to save time, money and effort when working on projects. At Quicksand, we offer professional site clearing services to the industry at cost-effective rates and ensure that all clearing tasks are handled efficiently to ensure that construction deadlines can be met.
Building regulations in South Africa dictate that construction and building sites need to be prepared correctly before construction can begin. There are stipulations in place regarding methods, techniques, equipment and safety and these are monitored and controlled by the National Buildings Regulations. During site preparation, the following factors are of importance and are made mention of in SA’s building regulations:

  • General safety – contractors and foremen are tasked with ensuring that construction sites are as safe as possible as operations can often pose risks and dangers. Often, construction concerns need to erect fences and barricades to ensure no injuries occur due to unauthorised entry. All equipment and machinery being used during preparation and site clearing processes must only be operated by licensed and experienced individuals.
  • Site preparation – all tree stumps, debris, timber and vegetation must be removed before foundations can be safely laid. Drainage must be installed during the preparation stage if the ground is waterlogged or if water will naturally drain towards the building.
  • Site clearing and cleaning – this is one of the utmost important parts of the preparation process. Stumps and roots of trees and vegetation can cause problems with construction and so these must be dug out and cleared. Clearing is usually done with bulldozers, front-end loaders and TLBs. Once these are removed, the ground needs to be compacted and hard before construction can begin.

The National Buildings Regulations also mentions on the requirements for demolitions, ground condition assessments and the removal of top soil, problem soil solutions for sturdy foundations and so on. At Quicksand, our site clearing teams are well aware of the various regulations in place and will ensure that you are accurately advised on your specific property’s requirements and what to expect from the site clearing process. The objective is to ensure that your site is well-prepared for construction and that you don’t run into any problems with the local authority or with your construction progress along the way. With our assistance your site can be cleaned, cleared and ready for construction to begin in as short a time span as possible.

If you are looking for the best site clearing team to assist with the start of your building or construction project, take the time to contact us via email or telephone at Quicksand. We will ensure that your building project goes ahead and that you are provided with top quality building and construction products too.