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Garden soil products

Garden Soil Products

Why is soil important? Your garden soil supports your vegetable plants, garden plants or lawn by providing warmth, air, moisture and nutrients.

Garden Soil Properties include:

  • Soil particles - Which are mineral materials broken down into particles smaller than pebbles.
  • organic matter and humus - This includes formerly living creatures mainly plants in various stages of decomposition.
  • air - Space allows oxygen and carbon dioxide to move in and out of the soil which allows plant roots to grow; and having worms in the soil helps to aerate it.
  • Water - If your soil has too much water it becomes saturated which does not allow in oxygen. When the soil has the right amount of moisture, the water will encase the soil particles and dissolve them. This process allows nutrients to be absorbed by the plant through the water.
  • Healthy soil has a balance of the above properties; it allows the plant roots to grow easily to anchor, breath, and to get moisture which brings nutrients to your vegetable plant.

Is your Garden Soil healthy?

  • What's your soil type? -
    • Sandy Soil - Opposite of clay, large particles that do not bind together, does not hold water, does not hold nutrients.
    • Silt Soil - Intermediate size particles, drains better than clay soil, holds more nutrients than sandy soil, lacking in humus
    • Clay soil - Most difficult for gardening, particles are tiny, bind together making it heavy, cold soil which promotes slow growth, poor drainage, deficient in air, plants may not get enough oxygen.
    • Loam Soil - A Mixture of all the above, most suitable for gardening.
  • Does your soil need added nutrients? -Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and calcium can be used to increase the soil fertility
  • Does your soil have sufficient organic matter? Our soil amendments like manure and compost can be used to improve texture and to add nutrients to the soil.