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Recovery and Recycling - The right thing to do

Most construction waste goes into landfill, or illegal dumping. The burden on landfill operations, the cost s of solid waste management by local authorities and the burden on natural resources are compelling factors why Quicksand ventured into recovery and recycling.

Recovery and Recycling

Natural and building waste materials are recovered and recycled for use or re-use in the construction process and are graded individually for these specific uses

Products suitable for recycling:
  • Natural earth and rock obtained from excavations.
  • Hard-core materials from demolitions.
  • Recovery of Commercial Waste


  • Some materials can be recycled directly into the same product for re-use, while others can be re-constituted into other usable products.
  • A key factor in recovery and recycling is the cost of collection and transport to a processing facility located close to the point where redundant materials are generated.
  • Our facilities situated at Donkerhoek in the East of Pretoria, Boekenhoutskloof in the West and in Olifantsfontein (South East/ Midrand), provide just this advantage - with the additional advantage of reduced transport cost when re-introducing products into the market.
  • The most important step for the viable recovery and recycling of construction waste, is on-site identification and separation. This indeed requires a definite mindset, care and the education of construction staff.
  • We don’t recover rubbish –this has to go to a registered landfill site !

Quicksand concentrates on the recovery of the following:

  • Natural earth and rock obtained from excavations. This can be processed into various grades of filling and sub-base products (termed “Greenfill ™”) for use in civil construction; suitable aggregates such as builders mix and dump rock; and garden and landscaping soils.
  • Hard-core materials from demolitions. Care is taken that such materials are not contaminated with plastic, paper, timber and rubbish. Materials are processed (selected, screened and crushed) into “Corefill™”, graded as either G7, G6 or G5, and ideally suitable in connection with building construction.
  • Recovery of Commercial Waste. Specifically, this is restricted to waste generated by manufacturers of cement and concrete products, such as bricks, pavers, roof tiles, kerbs and blocks, etc. From this we have successfully developed our own trade mark product, “Cretefill™”.

" Greenfill " ™ G7

Crushed Slag G4 / G5 / G6

Dump Rock Gabion

" Cretefill " ™ G5