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Concrete Mix for Sale

High-quality Concrete Mix for Sale

Concrete is without a doubt the most widely used building material on planet earth. No structure, building or development project can successfully be completed without good, high-quality concrete! For jobs such as residential patios and foundations, and large commercial construction projects, such as street paving, schools and office buildings, it is important that the surface is perfectly level and without concrete, this would just not be possible.

Concrete is strong, durable and incredibly versatile, and it is created by using a mixture of sand, gravel, water and cement. The cement used in the concrete mix refers to the dry powder substance, and the gravel component is referred to as aggregate or crushed rock. In any concrete project, the right concrete mix can make all of the difference, and at Quicksand, we are able to supply and distribute only the very best concrete mix for sale to all of our clients.

In operation for 21 years, we have been servicing the building construction industry, civil construction industry and the manufacturing industry since 1993. As the leaders in the South African raw material building industry, we source and supply bricks, sand, aggregates and cement – the perfect recipe for high-quality concrete mix, which can be purchased and delivered right to your site by our fleet of delivery vehicles. At Quicksand, we are proud to spread our unique Quicksand brand of environmentally friendly, personalised services, and top quality products and equipment, which have become synonymous with integrity and reliability.

Regardless of the size or nature of your project at hand, our years of extensive industry experience, paired with our close relationships with more than 40 manufacturers, quarrying operations and suppliers throughout the continent, has positioned us in an advantageous position to identify and source "fit for purpose" products and equipment, at the very best and most affordable rates in South Africa. If you are new to buying concrete mix, then simply let us know what your project entails, and we will be happy to recommend and source the very best cement, sand and aggregate to fit your specific concrete mix building needs.

As a service-driven company, we take great pride in being technologically advanced, while placing great emphasis on staying professional, providing superior services and remaining environmentally friendly, through recovery and recycling. You can find Quicksand branches throughout South Africa, from Tshwane, Kungwini and Midrand, to northern Ekurhuleni and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about our impeccable delivery services and our concrete mix for sale.